Skechers - Men's Footwear & Apparel Collection

Skechers is a comprehensive lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of footwear and apparel for men, women, and kids. With Skechers men's online collection, you can discover the latest trends in men's footwear along with performance apparel designed with cutting-edge comfort technology. Whether you prefer a specific style, engage in specific activities, or seek discounted options, you will find the perfect pair of men's footwear online at Skechers and the ideal footwear that matches your preferences.

Skechers footwear for men includes – walking shoes, casual sneakers, lace ups, slip-ons, and slippers/sandals. There are exclusive new launches powered by new age technology that gives support, comfort, ease of use and remains performance pact for different outdoor activities.

Skechers Go Walk, Skechers Street, Los Angeles, Skechers Go Run Razor 4, Skechers Outdoor, Skechers Sport and Skechers Handsfree Slip-ins are the trending collection of men’s footwear online. Find a variety of men’s footwear under new arrivals, and many more styles on sale. The range includes walker shoes, trekking shoes, flex sandals, multi-sport shoes, foamies, and more! These trending collections of Skechers footwear for men feature new age technology with benefits like air-cooled memory foam, slip-ins for no touching and bending, max cushioning, slip resistant, machine washable and various other user-friendly features that you should see for real.

Skechers Footwear for Men: Where Style Meets Comfort Step by Step!

Skechers is synonymous with a vast variety of footwear for men with unique features, styles, and technology:

GO Walk:  This collection focuses on lightweight and comfortable walking shoes with innovative technologies like Goga Mat insole for cushioning and high rebound midsoles for energy return. Also, the Skechers Go Walk collection is available with Arch fit and Hyper burst Max cushioning technology that adapts to the natural shape of the foot and helps with proper alignment and stability.

GO Run: Designed for running enthusiasts, the Skechers GO Run collection of men’s footwear offers lightweight and responsive running shoes. It is designed with latest technology such as the M-Strike midsole design for efficient stride transitions, breathable uppers for ventilation and hyper burst max cushioning for responsiveness.

GO Run Razor 4: Skechers Go Run Razor is a new Hyper burst pro-mid-sole footwear for men that provides an active and appealing ride. It is a 4th version of the Razor collection that provides a more relaxed forefoot.

Casual Sneakers: Skechers casual shoe category includes a diverse range of styles suitable for everyday wear. This includes sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, and more. It offers comfort, versatility, and an assortment to match different outfits. Moreover, Skechers casual shoes provide massage fit technology for ultra comfort and support.

Lace-up Trainer: It has memory foam cushioning, lightweight structure, breathable uppers, flexible outsoles, power absorption and a variety of stylish designs for athletic activities and regular wear.

Slip-ons : This is a part of the new-arrival collection under Skechers footwear for men that provides super smooth cushioned and comfortable slip-ons. Skechers slip-on shoes for men provide a convenient and effortless style of wearing shoes without bending and touching the footwear. These slip-ons are an ideal choice for everyday comfort and convenience.

Relaxed Fit Collection: Skechers offers a range of slippers and sandals for men, providing comfort and casual style. These footwear options often feature max cushioning footbeds, adjustable straps, durable outsoles, and various designs suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, it provides stretchable panels and elastic laces for easy slip-on and hands-free wear.

Stretch Fit Collection: It features shoes with a stretchable upper design that provides a flexible and comfortable fit. These shoes offer a snug yet accommodating feel, adapting to the natural contours of the foot for enhanced comfort.

If you're looking to buy footwear for men, check out Skechers' footwear online collection. With hundreds of options available, you can find a wide range of styles in foot sizes ranging from 7 to 12 US sizes.

Defy Limits, Exceed Expectations: Unleash Your Potential with Skechers Men's Apparel Collection!

Skechers collection of men’s apparel are casual, sporty, fierce, and smart. The trending style in Skechers men’s apparel represents a sense of style for a modern-day man who has different moods throughout the day that is reflected in his clothing. A classic pullover hoodie may be a good fit for a casual outing whereas a classic fit crewneck tee combined with sweatpants can be a good choice to start your day at the gym.

The Top Wear Collection: The top wear range in Skechers men’s apparel is created with lightweight and breathable fabric for ultra movement. You can scroll through a variety of polo tees, all day tees, muscle tank, utility jackets, sherpa vest and ultra hoodies in different colors and sizes.

The Bottom Wear Collection: Skechers bottom wear for men are comfortable, attractively designed with a breathable fabric and durable. Fill your shopping basket at Skechers online with some comfort bottom wear such as expedition joggers, action pants, lounge pants, cargo pants and premium shorts.


1.      What are the different types of men's shoe styles available?

A. Skechers provides a diverse range of men's shoe styles to suit different preferences and activities. Our collection includes athletic shoes, sneakers, slip-ons, boots, sandals, work shoes, and casual shoes.

We offer running shoes, training shoes, and walking shoes that provide cushioning, support, and durability. Our sneakers combine style and comfort, featuring memory foam cushioning and flexible outsoles for everyday wear. Our slip-on shoes provide convenience and effortless style, with options ranging from casual slip-on sneakers to sophisticated loafers. We also offer a variety of men's boots, from rugged outdoor boots to stylish Chelsea boots, designed for different occasions. For warmer weather, we have sandals that are designed for comfort and stability, featuring adjustable straps and supportive footbeds. For work environments, we provide work shoes with slip-resistant outsoles, protective features, and supportive construction.

Lastly, our casual shoes, including lace-up shoes, boat shoes, and moccasins, offer versatility and comfort for everyday wear.

2.      Are Skechers men's shoes suitable for different activities, such as running, walking, or casual wear?

A. Yes, Skechers men's shoes are designed to be suitable for various activities, including running, walking, and casual wear.

For running, our athletic shoe collection includes running shoes specifically designed to provide comfort, support, and performance. These shoes feature cushioned midsoles, durable outsoles, and breathable materials to enhance your running experience. For walking, Skechers offers walking shoes that prioritize comfort and support. These shoes often feature cushioned insoles, shock-absorbing midsoles, and flexible outsoles to ensure a comfortable stride. For casual wear, we provide a wide selection of sneakers, slip-ons, and casual shoes that are stylish and comfortable for everyday use. Our casual shoes combine fashion-forward designs with features like memory foam cushioning and flexible outsoles to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

At Skechers, we strive to provide quality footwear that offers both style and functionality for various activities and occasions.

3.      Does Skechers offer vegan or eco-friendly options in men's footwear collection?

A. Yes, Skechers is committed to offering vegan and eco-friendly options in our men's footwear collection. We understand the importance of ethical and sustainable choices, and we strive to provide footwear that aligns with these values. For those seeking vegan options, we offer a range of men's shoes that are crafted without the use of animal products. These vegan-friendly shoes are part of our commitment to providing cruelty-free options without compromising on style, comfort, or quality. In terms of eco-friendly options, Skechers has implemented sustainable initiatives and materials in our men's shoe lines. We incorporate recycled materials, such as plastics and textiles, into select shoe models to reduce environmental impact. Additionally, we strive to source materials responsibly and explore innovative ways to incorporate more sustainable practices into our footwear production.

4.      Can you suggest any specific men's shoes designed for sports activities?

A. Skechers offers a variety of men's shoes designed specifically for sports activities.

Skechers GO Run: Combining lightweight cushioning, flexibility, and support, these shoes feature innovative technologies such as responsive midsoles and breathable uppers to enhance your running performance.

Skechers GO Walk: Offers walking shoes that prioritize comfort and support. These shoes feature cushioned insoles, responsive midsoles, and durable outsoles designed to provide a smooth and comfortable walking experience.

Skechers Flex Advantage: Combines athletic style with flexibility and comfort. These shoes are suitable for various sports activities, such as gym workouts, training sessions, and casual sports.

5.      What is the ideal shoe size range for men?

A.     The ideal shoe size range for men can vary depending on factors such as foot shape, width, and personal preference. At Skechers, we offer men's shoe sizes ranging from US 6 to US 16, with some styles available in extended sizes as well. It's important to note that finding the ideal shoe size is not solely determined by length but also by width and overall fit. Skechers understands the importance of providing a comfortable fit for men with different foot sizes and shapes. We offer various width options, including regular, wide, and extra wide, to ensure a better fit for men with broader feet.

6.      Does Skechers offer a wide range of men's apparel?

Yes, Skechers offers a wide range of men's apparel to complement our footwear collection. Our men's apparel line includes activewear, athleisure wear, loungewear, and outerwear. For active individuals, our activewear collection features performance-oriented pieces such as tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and track pants. These garments are designed with moisture-wicking fabrics and ergonomic cuts to enhance your performance during workouts or sports activities. If you prefer a more casual style, our athleisure and loungewear collection offers comfortable hoodies, sweatshirts, jogger pants, and versatile tops that blend fashion and comfort for everyday wear. During colder seasons or outdoor adventures, our outerwear collection includes jackets, coats, and windbreakers that provide warmth and protection without compromising style. With Skechers apparel, you can complete your active and casual looks with style and comfort.