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Safety Measure


Please note our hygiene measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers as they shop In-store & Online.

Store Related Safety measures

  • Entry

    1. a. Doors to be operated by staff (both entry and exit points)
    2. b. 500ml sanitizer manual dispensers set up at entrance and point of sale
  • Cleaning

    1. a. Daily cleaning of floors, store fixtures & storage rooms with disinfectant
    2. b. Trial rooms to be disinfected post every trial
  • Sanitization

    All touch point surfaces, store merchandise & shoeboxes to be sanitized regularly

Customer Safety Measures

  • Entry

    1. a. Contactless temperature check at store entrance
    2. b. Customers to sanitize their hands & wear a mask before entry
  • Sanitization

    1. a. Disposable socks available for use & throw
    2. b. Customers to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter
  • Point of Sale

    1. a. We encourage contactless payments & e-invoices
    2. b. Incase of cash payment, exact change is recommended

Staff Safety Measures

  • Entry

    1. a. Every day entry granted after a temperature check
    2. b. Arogaya Setu status is mandatory for our staff
  • Sanitization

    1. a. Staff members to wear masks & gloves on the premises
    2. b. Each staff member to carry a pocket hand sanitizer & self-sanitize
  • Self-Care

    1. a. Our staff is trained as per government safety guidelines
    2. b. Staff to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter amongst themselves

Delivery Measures

  • Payment options

    1. a. OTP confirmation for pre-paid orders
    2. b. UPI interfaces for cash-on-delivery
    3. c. Delivery partners are trained to keep social distance during interactions
  • Staff safety at point of delivery

    1. a. Each staff member to carry a pocket hand sanitizer
    2. b. Use of mask and gloves
    3. c. Regular sensitization & maintaining personal hygiene
  • Warehouse

    1. a. Staff is undergoing daily health checks
    2. b. Ensuring that all peoples working on floor are using alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently
    3. c. Sanitization process done as per COVID-19 guidelines to all working area's