In the fashion world, a lot changes each year but the one thing you know is a constant is the love for sports shoes. You may have spent all of last year in lockdown and loungers, but 2021 will see a lot of shoe trends making a comeback in daily life. In fact, this year’s shoe trends are everything from Tod’s to classic sneakers and everything in between. Many of these styles have been a part of our lives for a while now, but this year, they will only gain massive popularity. So let’s quickly take a look at what’s buzzing and what you need to stock up on ASAP. 

Classic 101

Oh, man. Find us someone who doesn’t love a pair of classic canvas shoes. Can’t? We cannot either. These shoes are comfortable, versatile and forever-trendy. When it comes to sports casual shoes trends, the classic canvas style cannot be left behind. Your earliest memory of these shoes is wearing them to Sports Day at school, amirite? But as you grow older, you realise these become a staple in your shoe wardrobe because of how happy (and nostalgic) they make your feet feel. In fact, Skechers Mens V’lites come in some classic shades. These lace up canvas casual shoes for men have soft fabric and super comfortable cushioning, making it really easy for you to walk around in them all day.


Retro With A Twist

So what do we mean exactly when we say retro? Well, we mean that your good old sneakers aren’t going anywhere, friends! If you’ve been hoarding on your pair of classic sneakers or have tried to experiment with these sports shoes, keep them safe. In 2021, sneakers will be as much a part of your daily life as any other athleisure wear (no jokes there). And ladies, stylish, fashionable shoes are a real thing. Remember back in the ‘90s when uber cool and funky sneakers were the most desirable shoes one could own? Well, then retro is truly back! If you like a splash of colour on yours, then get the Skechers Womens D’lites 3.0 Blast Full. They’re comfortable, athletic and super fashionable...basically the sneakers you love but with a stylish touch. Men, you aren’t left behind either because when it comes to stylish shoes for men, the Skechers Mens D’lite 3-Merriton are perfect.


Tod’s For Days 

Keeping in sync with the retro style, Tod’s are a classic choice for shoes for both men and women. They’re ultra stylish with a very ‘70s vibe going for them. We love them especially because they can be perfectly paired with our daily looks- jeans and tees, dresses, skirts, chinos and whatnot. Stylish sports shoes are what 2021 is all about, so don’t hesitate to get your hands (or feet) on a pair of Tod’s already. By the way, ladies, Skechers Womens Goldie 2.0 Saturated Soles are uber comfortable and good looking. 

Colour Block All The Way

Colour blocking is an art that only some get right. And as one of the shoe trends that have been in vogue for years, even in 2021, this one ain’t going anywhere. So get ready to pair your most stylish outfits with the most impeccable colour blocked sneakers this year. In fact, Skechers Womens Amp’d- City Blocks are trendy and on-point when it comes to style. Of course, it’s needless to say that their cushioned sole and funky lace-up platform sneaker design make them instantly likeable. So the next time you want to buy any stylish sports shoes that are full of joy and colours, you know which way to head! 

For more information on the variety of trendy shoes available at your disposal, check out this link for women and this one for men. Happy shoe-pping!