Experience the power of comfort with the addition of GoRun 6 to the Skechers Performance GoRun family. The knit pattern with the sock like stretchable collar offers the much needed breathability that makes it ideal for summers. Whether you’re an avid runner or simply looking to up your cardio, GoRun 6 is the shoe for you that provides exceptional comfort and performance output. 

The GoRun 6 is sure to get all the trainers and running enthusiasts excited with its next-gen range of vibrant shoes for both men and women with key features like: 

  • Ultra-lightweight Cushioning -  The ultra-lightweight cushioning gives you more durability and stability while running

  • M-Strike Technology - The shoes are engineered with M-Strike technology to promote mid-foot strike with a separated heel pad which offers an added no-rub comfort

  • 5Gen - It is the next generation of Resalyte which gives you high flexibility. This innovative technology absorbs power from the wearer's foot-strike and releases it during push-off

  • Parametric Web Outsole - This technology with carbon stretchable rubber gives you maximum rubber coverage which further helps in giving efficient grip while running

  • Abrasion Resistance Property - Strategically placed in key strike zones which gives you durability 

Get, Set, Go with Skechers Performance!