Choosing the right pair of shoes can be a task, especially if you’re new to the world of running. And if you’re a veteran you know the consequences of choosing the wrong pair of running shoes. It doesn’t matter who you are, you don’t have to look beyond this article if you want to get yourself a pair of fast, responsive and comfortable trainers.

The Skechers Performance GoRun 5 is a neutral lightweight trainer well fitted to be your daily driver. Featuring a unibody GoKnit Mesh Upper, Gen5 EVA foam midsole and resolite compound outsole reinforced with carbon rubber, the shoe weighs only 213 grams.

The GoKnit upper is designed for a snug fit while the mesh material provides extra breathability, for a comfortable running experience. The advanced lacing system adds to the fit such that the runner feels one with the shoes.

The midsole on Skechers Performance GoRun 5 is designed to be just soft enough, which means it’s neither too mushy nor too hard on the feet. The trademark Gen5 cushioning provides perfect balance between bounce and cushion, so you exert lesser energy even on long runs. The bounce also makes running in GoRun 5 an engaging experience.

The carbon rubber on the outsole provides great traction, be it on road, treadmills, synthetic tracks and even wet surfaces. The 4mm heel to toe gradient.

Every aspect of the shoe is made to create something that’s faster and more comfortable than ever before. Right from the light materials used to create it to the nifty details like the Quick Fit tab on the heel to make it less time consuming and easier to wear. The sharp grooves on the midsole make the midsole easier to compress, adding the first layer of cushioning on impact.   

Having being created the way it is, the GoRun 5 is a very versatile shoe for various running conditions. Use it as a daily driver for your regular runs or use it to get an edge over your competitors in a marathon, the choice is entirely yours. So what are you waiting for, grab a pair and test your limits today in these durable, lightweight, ultrafast trainers.