Let's talk about sneakers. The sneaker is the new sexy. Don’t you think sandals and heels have become too outdated for today? And it’s not only fashion, it is also about the health and comfort.

Wearing sneakers over the other types of footwear has its own advantages. Why? Number one- because comfortable sneakers do not cause pressure on your feet and so there is no unnecessary pain in your feet. What do you notice if you are on your high heels? You easily get tired, right? Wearing good quality shoes and comfortable shoes like Skechers Street  Hi-Lites will help in a healthy and improved movement of your body without compromising the style quotient. Uncomfortable shoes affect the movement of the body and having to adjust your gait in the process puts pressure on the back, hips, ankles, and knees. This is a result of the body being in pain and walking with discomfort. Hence, it is very important to wear comfortable shoe. Sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes to wear.

Here are 5 ways to rock your Skechers Street Hi-Lites.

1.    Pair your sneakers with your Tulle Skirts

Summer sandals with your cute Tulle Skirt are way too mainstream. Be unique and be a showstopper! Pair your Hi-Lites with your tulle skirt and get everyone complimenting about your fashion taste. Look different from the crowd!

2.    Don your sneakers Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are generally worn with high heels, why not try something different this time? Your cocktail dress and these sneakers are just the perfect pairs to go with. You can rock the party with your remarkable look of not so common outfit with your sneakers.

3.    Experiment it with your Wedding dress

All you want to be is comfortable. Especially on ‘THE DAY’. You can pair your sneakers with your beautiful wedding gown or lehnga. You gotta look different, it is your day’ anyway! Don’t go under the trap of high heels or summer sandals. Where is the comfort? Skechers Street hi-Lites!

4.    Formally Informal

A great way to change things up while still strutting in your sneakers is matching them with your formal look. Wear them with your formals and walk like a Boss! Formals and Sneakers make a good combination and are noticeable enough because it is not the monotonous wear. Dress up peculiarly with these sneakers!

5.    Look sexy in Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts and sneakers are a fabulous match. The fashion of summer sandals is out of fashion now. Everyone seeks comfort. Pencil skirts no more mean Pencil Heels, they’re sneakers now. Match your sneakers and Pencil Skirt and get all eyes on you. It is a completely different match. A pair of sneakers could simply change the whole look and transform you into something new and unique.